Nihad Nadam – in love with Arabic calligraphy

Nihad Nadam – in love with Arabic calligraphy

Arabic calligraphic themed handcrafts are trending these days. From pendants to keychains, from Tshirt designs to brooches. Even business logos incorporate Arabic calligraphy for that one of kind artistic touch.

ARTE caught Nihad Nadam at the last DFC ARTE Souq creating badges in Arabic Calligraphic style. Nihad has a way with words Arabic calligraphic style, a certain flair that helps him help his customer choose the best font style to get their messages across. To create badges, he uses some heavy duty equipment (which for the life of me, I couldn’t even lift it from the table), and with great precision so characteristic of dedicated designer-crafters, puts the badges together.

One of the things we learnt is that translation of English phrases into Arabic, doesn’t convey the same message. So Nihad helps the customer by discussing the most appropriate Arabic words that convey the essence of the English phrase. As you may appreciate, this is very important, because the last thing you want is to create something so beautiful but it doesn’t make sense when read in Arabic.

So if you are itching to have your name done in Arabic calligraphy, whether it is the Thuluth style or the Diwani style, hop on to Nihad’s stall and he will be happy to assist.

Source: ATRE UAE



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